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Inventory Number: US23445

Set of 6 Early 19th Century English Regency Mahogany Dining Chairs, Can be sold in pairs

19.5"W X 20"D X 32.5"BH


Inventory Number: US23410

Pair of 19th Century English Mahogany Shell Back Hall Chairs

15.75"W X 20.25"D X 32.5"H

Inventory Number: US23254

Pair of Bentwood Rattan Arm Chairs with Loose Cushion, 20th Century

22" W x 25" D x 37 1/2" BH SALE PENDING


Inventory Number: US23220

Pair of English Queen Anne Style Walnut Wing Back Chairs with Wooden Arm Rests, Cabriole Legs with Shell Carving ending Pad Feet, 20th Century

34.25"W X 28"D X 45"BH X 20"SH


Inventory Number: US22885

Pair of Queen Anne Walnut Side Chairs, 18th Century England

23.5" W X 21.5" D X 38.5" BH X 18.5" SH  


Inventory Number: US22739

Pair of English Mahogany Library Chairs, 20th Century

28" W X 26" D X 38" BH X 17" SH


Inventory Number: US22236

Pair of Dutch 18th Century Walnut Side Chairs with Marquetry Inlay & Pad Feet

43" BH X 19.5" SH X 22" W X 18" D


Inventory Number: US21740

Pair of Regency Black Painted Side Chairs with Gilt Decoration & Cane Seats. PRICED AS A PAIR. 3 PAIRS AVAILABLE.

18.25" W X 19.5" D X 32.75" BH X 16" SH


Inventory Number: US21107

Pair of Regency Black Painted Arm Chairs with Floral Decoration & Rush Seats, England ca. 1820

21" W X 19" D X 33.75" BH X 17" SH


Inventory Number: US2154

Pair of Chippendale Style Side Chairs in Elm with Needlepoint Slip Seats, 19th Century England

20.25" W X 20.5" D X 37.5" BH  


Inventory Number: US20444

Pair of 19th Century English Adam Style Painted Armchairs with Rush Seats

22.5" W X 20" D X 37" BH X 16" SH


Inventory Number: US18313

Pair of 18th Century English Chippendale Mahogany Side Chairs. PRICED PER PAIR, 1 PAIR AVAILABLE.

22.5" W X 22" D X 37" BH X 18" SH


Inventory Number: 3S219

Pair of George III Satinwood Side Chairs with Grisaille Painted Backsplats & Cane Seats, England ca. 1800

18" W X 18" D X 33.25" BH X 17" SH

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